Meaning of dandelion clock in English:

dandelion clock


  • The downy spherical seed head of a dandelion.

    ‘Its head looks like a dandelion clock, from which flows a long tail which broadens and splits about a degree or so along its length.’
    • ‘Who too has not, as a child, picked a dandelion clock and blown away the seeds while making a wish?’
    • ‘His hair is grey and frothy, like a dandelion clock, but he carries his turbulent past and 66 years lightly.’
    • ‘But it disappeared quickly, that top layer of irritation, blown away by the sea breezes as easily as the wind blows the fluff from a dandelion clock.’
    • ‘From the grass and dandelion clock (a visual joke) in the background the reader grasps the rabbit as rather larger than normal bunny size: about the size of a toddler or small child, perhaps.’


From the child's game of blowing away the seeds to find out what time it is.