Meaning of dandelion coffee in English:

dandelion coffee



mass noun
  • A hot drink made from dried and powdered dandelion roots.

    ‘Right, back to my dandelion coffee - which is thoroughly disgusting by the way, but is supposed to be very good for sorting out your energy levels.’
    • ‘I used to offer up free dandelion coffee grounds to people when we had our apothecary on Main Street in Yarmouth.’
    • ‘An interesting side benefit to replacing Micronase with dandelion coffee is that, while Micronase damages the liver as a side effect, dandelions are particularly known for strengthening the liver.’
    • ‘Instant dandelion coffee in health food stores sometimes contains lactose, a milk derivative, and should be avoided by individuals with lactose intolerance/dairy allergies.’
    • ‘A good coffee alternative is green tea and a good substitute is roast dandelion root (also known as dandelion coffee).’