Meaning of dandelion greens in English:

dandelion greens

plural noun

North American
  • Fresh dandelion leaves used as a salad vegetable or herb.

    ‘The lamb stew is another great, rib-sticking dish, chock-full of artichokes, roasted tomatoes, dandelion greens, and fresh mint.’
    • ‘We also split a plate of grilled sardines on a bed of dandelion greens with fennel, pine nuts, and capers.’
    • ‘Bitter foods like tart red grape juice, arugula, watercress, and dandelion greens also work when you incorporate them into meals.’
    • ‘In the USA there is a small market for cultivated dandelion greens.’
    • ‘Bitter greens mentioned in the Bible include watercress, parsley, mint, mustard greens, endive, chicory, lettuce and dandelion greens.’