Meaning of dandy roll in English:

dandy roll


(also dandy roller)
  • A roller which is used to solidify partly formed paper during its manufacture, and to impress the water mark.

    ‘A couple of the light fixtures are made from giant cylindrical paper presses, called dandy rolls, and the bar is constructed from the old water tower lumber, which happens to be cypress.’
    • ‘As the dandy roll is pushed into the furnish, it forces the fibers into a cutout in the die.’
    • ‘Forming fabrics, dandy rolls and felts leave regular marks on the wet web.’
    • ‘John Marshall's dandy rolls and moulds were used in almost every country in the world where paper was made.’
    • ‘We also make drives for synchronization of fabric with dandy rolls.’
    • ‘The dandy roller improves the formation of the paper web by application of pressure.’
    • ‘Wiggins Teape & Co. Ltd. graciously furnished us with original ‘rubbings’ made directly from the two types of dandy rolls employed.’
    • ‘A shaded watermark is created using a die made of molded screen, also mounted on a dandy roll.’
    • ‘The converging nip made by dandy roll pressing allows the fiber re-distribution without crushing.’
    • ‘When the dandy roll presses into the wet paper pulp, the paper fibres either disperse or gather together.’
    • ‘The present invention relates to a dandy roll useful in producing paper having a twill weave wiremark pattern.’
    • ‘The problem of devising a new way to form the watermark was solved by the creation of the dandy roll.’
    • ‘A watermarking dandy roll is a roll of skeletal structure, sheathed in a wire cloth that has designs, letters or figures affixed to it.’
    • ‘Even at low turbidity levels, conventional treatment does not provide the water quality required for the dandy rolls and trim squirts.’
    • ‘These men are putting on a dandy roll to help create evenness and place watermarks in the sheet.’
    • ‘On a Fourdrinier machine the watermark is created by a dandy roll as the stock passes through the wet end processes.’
    • ‘One or more sensors can be mounted before and/or after top wires, dandy rolls, multiply sheets, and gap formers depending on various paper machine configurations.’
    • ‘They produce watermarks and produce and repair dandy rolls and spreader rolls for the paper industry.’
    • ‘The purpose of the dandy roll is to give the paper a weave or watermark that identifies the paper grade and the manufacturer.’
    • ‘Most watermarks today are not made with dandy rolls, but with a transparentizing solution that does not affect the thickness of the sheet.’