Meaning of dandyish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdandɪɪʃ/

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‘You've seen the last of Hosking in leather jackets and dandyish cravats interrogating pop bimbos under the guise of Sunday-night current affairs.’
  • ‘This third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, played the character as a dandyish James Bond, with gadgetry and purple cloaks being the order of the day.’
  • ‘This is the man's Edwardian aspect, formally old-fashioned and a little dandyish, that those who knew him in his later life fondly recall.’
  • ‘He doesn't attempt the stammer, the dandyish manner, the cigarette ostentatiously clamped between the middle fingers.’
  • ‘The anchor is a dour and dandyish aristocrat in a bow tie who reads the official version of the news in a monotone.’