Meaning of dandyish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdandɪɪʃ/


See dandy

‘He is famed for his dandyish style.’
  • ‘He doesn't attempt the stammer, the dandyish manner, the cigarette ostentatiously clamped between the middle fingers.’
  • ‘The anchor is a dour and dandyish aristocrat in a bow tie who reads the official version of the news in a monotone.’
  • ‘Its dandyish scarves, richly patterned to astonishing detail, come in colours that alleviate any thought of winter gloom.’
  • ‘He wore flamboyant, dandyish outfits and conducted ostentatiously public adulterous affairs.’
  • ‘I'm not dandyish at all, and that's why I feel at ease.’
  • ‘Some of them jeered at the dandyish conductor.’
  • ‘He was wearing a dandyish pink jacket.’
  • ‘For the record, he's in a classic navy suit with flashes of a dandyish scarlet lining and matching braces.’
  • ‘He was dandyish: as a student at Cambridge he wore frock coats and spats, and as a Member of Parliament he always wore a waistcoat with a watch chain.’