Meaning of Daniell cell in English:

Daniell cell

Pronunciation /ˈdanj(ə)l/


  • A primary voltaic cell with a copper anode and a zinc-amalgam cathode, giving a standard electromotive force when either copper sulphate or sulphuric acid is used as the electrolyte.

    ‘The Daniell cell is a wet cell consisting of copper and zinc plates and copper and zinc sulphates.’
    • ‘We will build a Daniell cell, the battery that powered the telegraph system in the 19th century.’
    • ‘The text, which describes the Daniell cell and other early batteries, comes from an 1871 book about telegraphy.’
    • ‘The Daniell cell was widely used in France before the Leclanché cell was invented in 1868.’
    • ‘Consider the historic Daniell cell in which zinc and copper were used as electrodes.’
    • ‘In his paper, Spencer reported his experiments with the Daniell cell, and its use in electro-deposition of copper.’


Mid 19th century named after John Daniell (1790–1845), the British physicist who invented it.