Meaning of danio in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdanɪəʊ/


  • A small, typically brightly coloured freshwater fish native to South and SE Asia.

    Genera Danio and Brachydanio, family Cyprinidae: several species

    ‘There are about 13 species of fish from the Western Ghats, which include half-beak fish, danio, loaches and rasboras.’
    • ‘Zebra danio larvae of 4 mm body length and 35 mm long adults use the same burst and coast swimming style.’
    • ‘A very peaceful fish which is why it is so well suited for community tanks, zebra danios tolerate a wide range of temperatures.’
    • ‘All Danios are torpedo-shaped fish, usually small (except for giant danio), and very fast.’
    • ‘Danios and minnows are small, active schooling fish well suited to the community aquarium.’


Modern Latin (genus name).