Meaning of Dano-Norwegian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdeɪnəʊnɔːˈwiːdʒ(ə)n/


another term for Bokmål
‘Only just before World War II did they in principle agree to teach the written standard - generally the Dano-Norwegian bokm'al - which at any one time was recognized as the official one in Norway.’
  • ‘Jespersen later supplied phonetic transcriptions of the entries in Brynildsen's English and Dano-Norwegian Dictionary, which was the century's first pronouncing dictionary.’
  • ‘A good linguist, from an early age he read and studied widely, and in 1901 wrote a letter of profound admiration in Dano-Norwegian to Ibsen.’
  • ‘Various euphemisms have been used for Dano-Norwegian; ‘Bokmål’ is one of them.’
  • ‘He accepted the Norwegian pronunciations of the joint Dano-Norwegian written language as the norm for standard spoken Norwegian.’
  • ‘They all write in Dano-Norwegian which is probably easier for you to understand’
  • ‘The Dano-Norwegian of Ibsen is simple, concise, to the point.’