Meaning of daphnia in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdafnɪə/

nounplural noun daphnia

  • A minute semi-transparent freshwater crustacean with long antennae and a prominent single eye.

    Also called water flea

    Genus Daphnia, order Cladocera

    ‘In addition to fish, other aquatic creatures such as clams and daphnia are used as indicators of chemical changes.’
    • ‘Fish are feeding on small light olive buzzers and daphnia.’
    • ‘When they reach a length of 12 mm, chub begin to feed more on small invertebrates, particularly chironomid larvae and tiny crustaceans, such as daphnia.’
    • ‘A large part of their diet consists of many winged insects, a large assortment of aquatic insects, and some zooplankton such as daphnia.’
    • ‘Small fish begin by feeding upon zooplankton, mainly cladocera, such as daphnia, before moving onto bloodworm and larger invertebrates as they grow.’
    • ‘They are not fighting for breath as some people believe, but are instead feeding on the dense clouds of daphnia that gather just below the surface.’
    • ‘The fish are still feeding heavily on the prolific green daphnia.’


Modern Latin, from Greek Daphnē, from the name of the nymph Daphne.