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Pronunciation /ˈdɛːˌdɛvl/

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  • A reckless person who enjoys doing dangerous things.

    ‘spectators watched in horror as the nineteen-year-old daredevil smashed into the ground’
    • ‘The helicopter crews are not daredevils, indifferent to danger.’
    • ‘Before the train comes to a stop, the youthful daredevils jump down the moving train in reckless abandon in a stunt termed ‘istaff’.’
    • ‘Herzog states often that his movies are not crafted on the backs of daredevils or those with a reckless disregard for human safety.’
    • ‘The British Institute for Brain Injured Children is appealing for would-be daredevils to take up the challenge of abseiling 100 ft down the WHSmith building in Swindon.’
    • ‘Lured by the high winds, powerful currents, and the resulting massive swells, these daredevils routinely face conditions that would overwhelm most boardsailors.’
    • ‘THESE daredevils from the Great Western Hospital are preparing to plunge 100 ft down the side of an office block.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, daredevils had the chance to test their nerve on white-knuckle rides on Silcock's funfair.’
    • ‘Bobsleigh remains one of the blue-riband winter sports, a pursuit beloved by daredevils and requiring immense co-ordination between the driver at the front and the human ballast to the rear.’
    • ‘The jump was organised by one of the three major clubs that grant the wishes of daredevils in Bulgaria, the Sofia Bungee Club.’
    • ‘FORTY-FIVE daredevils will abseil down Leigh Parish Church this weekend to celebrate the end of two years of fund-raising - and to boost their own charity funds.’
    • ‘There were no major injuries yesterday as thousands of daredevils sprinted with the bulls through Pamplona in the first run of the annual San Fermin festival.’
    • ‘Crowds gasped as the team of seven leapt from a droning Hercules 3,000 feet above them, while youngsters rushed for autographs from the jumping daredevils.’
    • ‘Making my hair turn gray were scenes of daredevils leaping across yawning gorges, hanging by one hand and an axe over the abyss.’
    • ‘Flying with ex-Red Arrows is billed as the ultimate experience for aircraft enthusiasts and daredevils, rather than the faint-hearted.’
    • ‘Death - defying daredevils, The Happy Sideshow, are back in Brisbane at the Powerhouse Theatre this month.’
    • ‘The Inferno, the biggest amateur race in the world, will see 1,800 daredevils plunge down the 15.8km course.’
    • ‘One of the issues to be discussed will be the problem of daredevils leaping off Devil's Bridge and whether a sign should be put in place to advise against the practice.’
    • ‘Three daredevils took the plunge and abseiled down ‘Devils Gorge’ in Wales to raise money for charity.’
    • ‘Around 20 daredevils took the plunge and completed bungee jumps at The Messenger pub in Covingham Square.’
    • ‘East Lancashire Hospice is appealing for daredevils to take part in a sponsored parachute jump in aid of the charity.’
    madcap, hothead, adventurer, exhibitionist, swashbuckler
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  • Reckless and daring.

    ‘a daredevil skydiver’
    • ‘On the promotion campaign across 11 cities, the Dew Adventure Games with daredevil feats by international skate boarders and BMX bike riders drew huge crowds.’
    • ‘To effect this he adopts the role of a foppish member of English society to deter suspicion, while his real, heroic identity is that of the ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’, daredevil adventurer.’
    • ‘Just like in the original film, Minis are the stars of the show performing daredevil stunts and breathtaking car chases.’
    • ‘A few other daredevil performances such as balancing over a ball with Karagam on the head, taking out a blade with the help of eyelids, jumping through a frame of fire and human formation of different figures were presented.’
    • ‘Audience loves to watch the taming of ferocious animals by daredevil ring masters.’
    • ‘I would have thought that wire walkers would be these sort of macho, daredevil guys, and they're absolutely not, they're quiet, introverted, religious people, almost.’
    • ‘Extra Gardai had to be summoned on duty in Waterford on Saturday night to deal with the antics of the young motorists, who drove from all over the country to perform daredevil car stunts in car parks and other open spaces around the city.’
    • ‘More than 50,000 visitors are expected to attend the show, which was today featuring daredevil stunts from the Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team and music by the Lancastrian Brigade Band.’
    • ‘The evening started in true daredevil fashion when acrobats from the Scarabeus Theatre Company scaled the walls of the Franciscan Friary in a dramatic performance that was not for the faint-hearted.’
    • ‘At Central Park, visitors chose from a slide, Ferris wheel, tombola, a circus, and also a record-breaking team of daredevil motorcyclists called the Motorcycle Madmen.’
    • ‘Three other daredevil items - fire jump, tube-light jump and brick-wall jump will be performed only at the final display on January 26.’
    • ‘It contained a lot more of local residents' real feelings about the airfield than glowing articles about the bravery of daredevil stunt pilots or drivers of 140 mph Formula One cars.’
    • ‘Highlights included a heart-stopping display by the Red Arrows, whose daredevil pilots flew within whiskers of each other before rising into the sky trailing plumes of coloured smoke.’
    • ‘A World record-holding daredevil wing walker is set to be just one of the airborne attractions to thrill the crowds at the Evening Press sponsored 2002 Yorkshire Air Show.’
    • ‘An inexperienced young adventurer becomes the key to unravelling an ancient mystery when he joins up with a group of daredevil explorers to find the legendary lost empire of Atlantis.’
    • ‘In the main arena, bare-back riding daredevil Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman, proved to be a show-stopper as he performed equestrian stunts with his grey geldings.’
    • ‘Whether it's shocking crowds with daredevil antics, or taking things apart to put them back together better, the zodiac's reformers always do things their way.’
    • ‘Compared to the skate culture underground, Gladwell ain't all that - his tricks and tropes pretty standard and by daredevil standards, pretty lame.’
    • ‘Although he has a history of daredevil activities, his wife admits that she and her daughters are a little concerned for him as he travels 650 miles in his kite-powered buggy.’
    • ‘Its first display included daredevil stunts on motorbikes with performers jumping through fire and over each other from ramps, and a trick cyclist jumping over a box of dynamite.’
    daring, bold, adventurous, madcap, hot-headed, audacious, courageous, brave, intrepid, fearless, death-or-glory, undaunted, dauntless, heedless
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