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‘BOLLYWOOD ACTION hero Akshay Kumar alias Rajiv Bhatia who is well-known not only for his debonair looks but also for his daredevilry and death-defying stunts on the silver screen was in Delhi on Monday.’
  • ‘It is slated to be a wacky contest and the combatants have been asked to perform professional stunts that have a ‘fair amount of daredevilry thrown in for the gasp and sigh quotient.’’
  • ‘But, remember that the clincher in selecting the winners would be that spark of daredevilry that exemplifies the channel's spirit of action and adventurous.’
  • ‘CA World 2005 diary Motorcycle daredevilry marked the opening the CA World conference in New Orleans five years ago - in the shape of former chief exec Charles Wang jumping though a paper hoop emblazoned with an IBM logo.’
  • ‘SOME 50 years ago when I was little boy, I recall an act of daredevilry performed in a circus by a stunt man.’