Meaning of dark-complexioned in English:


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  • (of a person) having brown or black skin.

    ‘a black-haired, dark-complexioned man’
    • ‘The idea of Spanish origin for dark-complexioned folk is common to various parts of the British Isles.’
    • ‘Due to the risk of permanent discoloration, this technique is not recommended for dark-complexioned individuals.’
    • ‘The next sonnets, 127-52, are known as the 'Dark Lady' group, addressed to or concerned with an unfashionably dark-haired, dark-eyed, and dark-complexioned mistress.’
    • ‘A tall, dark-complexioned, and handsome man, with a slender figure and impeccable manners, Long was particularly successful in gaining a large female clientele.’
    • ‘Joseph Matkin, a short dark-complexioned lad with dark hair and pale blue eyes that missed nothing on their long trip around the world, was the ship's steward's assistant.’
    • ‘It is an autobiographical satire whose neurotic, dark-skinned protagonist, Emma Lou Morgan, internalizes biases against dark-complexioned people after a midwestern upbringing by colorstruck relatives mimicking racist societal values.’
    • ‘Wanting to provide Annie with a dark-complexioned sibling and always having wanted a biological child of their own, they next decided that Kathy would bear a child and carefully chose a Black male donor from Panama.’
    • ‘Morton was dark-complexioned and sallow, and of a retiring, shy, and sensitive nature.’
    • ‘He wears an Eagles cap every day single day, framing the broad face that still reflects the dark-complexioned handsomeness he brought north from Honduras so many years ago.’
    • ‘Due to harsh summers there, they are also dark-complexioned.’