Meaning of dark-field microscopy in English:

dark-field microscopy


mass noun
  • A type of light microscopy which produces brightly illuminated objects on a dark background.

    ‘The coagula appear homogenous (except at the perimeters of the circle defined by the laser beam) under dark-field microscopy at 200X magnification.’
    • ‘Spirochete concentrations were determined by dark-field microscopy, and 10 4 spirochetes were injected intradermally (i.d.) into the shaved dorsal skin at the base of the tail.’
    • ‘He was among the first to prepare partially purified antibodies by dissociating antigen-antibody complexes and the first to use dark-field microscopy to visualize the spirochetes of syphilis.’
    • ‘Given the inherent difficulties of dark-field microscopy, negative examinations on three different days are necessary before a lesion may be considered negative for T. pallidum.’
    • ‘Primary syphilis is diagnosed by dark-field microscopy of a suspected lesion or by serologic testing.’
    • ‘After fixation, roots were sectioned and visualized under dark-field microscopy.’