Meaning of darned in English:


Pronunciation /dɑːnd/

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(also US durned)
informal mainly North American
euphemism for damned
‘you have to work a darned sight harder’
  • ‘Going to Mars is too darned expensive, they say, and we should save our money.’
  • ‘The thing of it is, Lance's bike is expensive, which is what makes the 2300 so darned cool.’
  • ‘I missed the darned bus by seconds and so have decided to walk.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, there is no moondust or magic wand; it is just darned hard work.’
  • ‘Ironically, the luxury SUV looks pretty darned good when viewed that closely, but when I pull back for the macro view I find some annoying flaws and noteworthy virtues.’
  • ‘Turn the thing on and a quietly whirring motor oscillates the variously shaped heads at a breakneck speed of 3,600 RPM, which feels pretty darned good.’
  • ‘The included applications might not work completely, but they work pretty darned well overall, and provide most of the functionality that my clients need, right out of the box.’
  • ‘I'm looking forward to brats and diet Coke and some darned good baseball.’
  • ‘There I am, sitting, munching away on a pretty darned good bagel with lashings of cream cheese and folded smoked salmon and somebody says ‘I guess you like bagels cause you're French?’’
  • ‘These can be slipped into your luggage quite innocently on the pretext that they're darned useful for keeping camera film dry on canoeing expeditions.’
  • ‘I swear under my breath and kick that darned girl under the table.’
  • ‘If the ‘huntsmen’ were to tell me that hunting was just darned good fun, I'd pat every man jack of them on the back.’
  • ‘I know Ashron Kutcher is a celebrity, because I hear him mentioned all the time, but I'll be darned if I can put the name to the face.’
  • ‘I'd be darned if I was about to do his washing as well!’
  • ‘The second-half Cubs will be much better than the first-half Cubs, and the first-half Cubs have been darned good themselves.’
  • ‘Most of them are darned good and fascinating, but we should all also be prepared to plunge in and get a little red in tooth and claw when weakling articles like that one make it into our range.’
  • ‘You're darned lucky that Andy was in a cooperative mood this morning, husband mine.’
  • ‘You're darned right I'm going to look at the market.’
  • ‘In fact, a lot of them seemed quick to form other ideas about what a lovely red-haired woman in silver might be interested in doing at night, and some were darned eager to cooperate.’
  • ‘And I'll be darned if I'll buy them and then let them rot in the cupboard.’