Meaning of darning needle in English:

darning needle


  • 1A long sewing needle with a large eye, used in darning.

    ‘Pick at least a kilo, prick each berry several times with a darning needle and squash into a lidded glass jar.’
    • ‘You can use the darning technique to repair small holes in socks and other clothing. With a darning needle and yarn, you'll form a network of stitches across the gap.’
    • ‘One way to easily thread a darning needle with a large eye is to fold a thin, rectangular sliver of paper in half the long way, sandwich the end of the thread into it as you would a hot dog in a bun, then slide paper and thread through the eye of the needle.’
  • 2North American

    another term for darner

    ‘The ‘darning needles’ or dragonfly story is an example of Feynman's methods.’
    • ‘Other common names for dragonflies include sewing needles, devil's darning needles, snake doctors, horse stingers, and mosquito hawks.’
    • ‘Myths about dragonflies warned children to keep quiet or else the dragonfly's "darning needles" would sew the child's mouth shut.’
    • ‘One day I was on the beach, and I'd just read this book that said dragonflies don't sting. A darning needle came along, and everybody was screaming and running around, and I just sat there. "Don't worry!" I said. "Darning needles don't sting!"’
    • ‘In some European folklore, dragonflies were associated with snakes and the devil. They were called ‘the devil's darning needles’.’