Meaning of Darwin rig in English:

Darwin rig


mass nounAustralian
  • Semi-formal dress for a man consisting of a white shirt, long trousers (or shorts with long white socks), and no jacket.

    ‘Darwin rig is de rigueur for the bar’
    • ‘He decreed 'coats off' at Government House functions, and Darwin rig was to be official wear in future.’
    • ‘The usual uproar arose over what exactly constituted Darwin rig.’
    • ‘Mr Nott will perhaps be best remembered for his insistence on the Darwin rig for formal affairs here.’
    • ‘In the northern part of the country, a short-sleeved, open-neck shirt with slacks, known as Darwin rig, is acceptable.’
    • ‘For parties, just about everyone wears shorts and long socks (the much-maligned, yet socially approved Darwin rig).’
    • ‘The Darwin rig is common for men.’
    • ‘Darwin rig—shorts, long socks, shirt—is de rigueur for the bar.’
    • ‘Long-distance walking is as much a Darwin thing as the famous Darwin rig, the business dress of shorts, white shirt, and long socks.’
    • ‘There was a good roll-up of 'top brass', and the crowd had the opportunity of meeting the agricultural minister, complete in Darwin rig.’
    • ‘He has been known to attend his office in Darwin rig, and on more formal occasions he deserves to be complimented as a sharp dresser.’


1950s named after the city of Darwin, where the standard business suit was adapted for the tropical climate.