Meaning of Darwinist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɑːwɪnɪst/

noun & adjective

See Darwinism

‘Unlike many Darwinists and theistic evolutionists, young earth creationists have been extraordinarily gracious to me, and I've always tried to return the favor.’
  • ‘We know that social Darwinists and eugenicists in the past have drawn on, and perhaps been inspired by, evolutionary biology.’
  • ‘The virulence of the attempts to suppress Intelligent Design demonstrates the Darwinists ' insecurity.’
  • ‘We wanted to separate ourselves from the strict Darwinists and the creationists.’
  • ‘The divide between Darwinists and the Creationists remains to this day.’
  • ‘Dawkins the Darwinist answers with lethal effect that our brains ‘were only designed to understand the mundane details of how to survive in the stone-age African savannah.’’
  • ‘I write as neither a creationist nor a Darwinist, but as one who knows what is probably the most disreputable scientific secret of the past century: There is no plausible scientific theory of the origin of species!’
  • ‘Prominent Darwinists from Stephen Gould to Richard Dawkins to John Maynard Smith insist that evolution is unguided and purposeless.’
  • ‘And if creationists want to teach that Darwinists believe that whales evolved from bears, they will be teaching an utter falsehood.’
  • ‘Why do some Darwinists keep trying to conflate intelligent design with creationism?’
  • ‘In an attempt to cloud the issue, the Darwinists will always try to interject ‘creationism’ and ‘separation of church and state’ into the debate.’
  • ‘Darwinists virtually never explain in any detail how natural selection would actually get from protein A to protein B after the gene for protein A duplicated.’
  • ‘Scientists and scholars in the intelligent design movement are mounting a concerted effort to force Darwinists to open up and discuss the weaknesses of evolutionary theory.’
  • ‘Whereas Darwinists had been relentless in disparaging intelligent design as a pseudoscience, Darwinism itself now came to be viewed as a pseudoscience.’
  • ‘Both design advocates and Darwinists affirm evolution while disagreeing over the question of purposeful direction.’
  • ‘They view theistic evolution as a weak-kneed sycophant, who desperately wants the respectability that comes with being a full-blooded Darwinist, but refuses to follow the logic of Darwinism through to the end.’
  • ‘We appear to be hardwired to understand - if not verbalise - that there is an elitist, Darwinist reality to life that no amount of liberal philosophy can change.’
  • ‘To believers in creation, the Darwinists seem thoroughly intolerant and dogmatic when they insist that their own philosophy must have a monopoly in the schools and the media.’
  • ‘Had Wallace and not Darwin established the evolutionary theory, the many ardent Darwinists who are arch-sceptics might today be believers in the power of God and the human mind, instead of atheists.’
  • ‘Darwinists will often compare their theory favorably to Einsteinian physics, claiming that Darwinism is just as well established as general relativity.’