Meaning of Darwinize in English:


(also Darwinise)

Pronunciation /ˈdɑːwɪnʌɪz/


  • 1historical To speculate about the evolution of life, after the manner of Erasmus Darwin; to write in the poetic style of Erasmus Darwin.

    See note at "Darwinism".

  • 2To speculate or theorize about evolution in the light of Charles Darwin's theory.

  • 3To subject to evolution or selective competition in a manner considered to be Darwinian; to modify or eliminate by means of natural or artificial selection. Also without object: to evolve or be transformed in this way.

  • 4To cause (a person) to accept Darwinism; to subject to the influence of Darwinism; to incorporate Charles Darwin's ideas or principles into (a theory or discipline); to consider or treat (a subject) in the light of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.


Early 19th century. From the names of Erasmus Darwin and Charles Darwin + -ize.