Meaning of dasheen in English:


Pronunciation /daˈʃiːn/


another term for taro
‘Locally grown vegetables, ‘ground provision,’ include yams and sweet potatoes, dasheens, eddoes, tannies, and cassava.’
  • ‘Starches include various kinds of yams, dasheen, eddos, bananas and plantains, sweet potatoes, and breadfruit.’
  • ‘Main courses, including Ackee and prawns, Jerk Chicken, Kofta curry, and the house special of goat and lamb stew with couscous are complemented with traditional vegetables of amongst others; dasheens, okra and yams.’
  • ‘Homemade vegetable soup includes little dumplings, chunks of corn on the cob, and ‘ground provisions’ - such as celery, plantains, peas, sweet yams, chives, and dasheen.’
  • ‘The national dish, ‘oil down,’ is a stew-like concoction made in large quantities with local vegetables such as callalou, dasheen, breadfruit, green fig, and plantain.’
  • ‘Calaloo (a green, leafy vegetable that is served cooked) is sometimes combined with taro, dasheen, or tania leaves, okra, pumpkin, and crab to make a dish called calaloo and crab.’
  • ‘Ground provisions, such as dasheen, yam, sweet potato, breadfruit, green plantain and bananas provided energy giving carbohydrates while the meat-flavoured vegetables made meals more interesting.’
  • ‘Farmers said consumers were complaining about the sharp increase in prices for items like plantain, cassava and dasheen, but part of the problem was the difficulty they had in getting to the farms to get the produce out.’
  • ‘Eddos have an advantage in that they last longer in storage than dasheen, because the tops are not cut off.’
  • ‘We need to ask ourselves if we are making good use of the many root crops we produce (yams, dasheen, cassava).’
  • ‘All meals are served with rice or potatoes and local ground provisions including yams and dasheen and lots of fresh vegetables, steamed or boiled.’
  • ‘Callaloo is a mixture of okra and puréed dasheen leaves (also called callaloo greens), with either crab or salted pork added for flavor.’
  • ‘On one end is the breezy restaurant, where Italian chef Benedetto La Fiura cooks up Carib-Continental dishes like callaloo soup (an island specialty made from dasheen, a tuber with spinachlike leaves, and nutmeg) and mushroom risotto.’
  • ‘There are sacks of potatoes; hills of tomatoes, carrots, sweet peppers; armfuls of dasheen bush; rows of sturdy, impressive melongenes.’
  • ‘Trinidadians are said by Creoles to be ethnically ‘mixed-up’ like callaloo, a kind of soup made from dasheen leaves and containing crab.’


Late 19th century (originally West Indian): of unknown origin.