Meaning of dassie in English:



  • 1A hyrax (mammal), especially the rock hyrax of southern Africa.

    Family Procaviidae, in particular Procavia capensis

    • ‘Some of these dassies, these hyraxes, went into the rocks, but this one actually climbs into the treetops.’
    • ‘Back at the campsite, spotted hyenas and dassies can be seen at dusk and into the night.’
    • ‘Mountain rhebuck, duiker, jackal, mongoose, porcupine and dassie now live in the Reserve.’
    • ‘They have observed that when caracal numbers in their region are moderate, that there is an increase in natural prey animals such as hares, steenbok and dassies.’
    • ‘The fur of a dassie rat is soft and silky, but there is no underfur.’
  • 2South African A silvery marine fish with dark fins and a black spot on the tail, found around African and Mediterranean coasts.

    Diplodus sargus, family Sparidae


Late 18th century from Afrikaans, from South African Dutch dasje, diminutive of Dutch das ‘badger’; the fish is said to have been named because of a perceived resemblance (in its habit of frequenting rocks, or from its shy nature) to the rock hyrax.