Meaning of data-driven in English:


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  • Determined by or dependent on the collection or analysis of data.

    ‘decisions are data-driven and made by committee’
    • ‘Silicon Valley is bringing a host of new, data-driven technologies to healthcare’
    • ‘The former Stanford faculty member takes a data-driven, long-term view of the arc of business.’
    • ‘Sometimes a data-driven chart is the answer; sometimes just plain HTML is the best solution.’
    • ‘A data-driven physician is left with few rational choices for topical treatment.’
    • ‘This downtime is simply not acceptable to businesses wanting to stay competitive in today's data-driven business environment.’
    • ‘"The whole enterprise of teaching managers is steeped in the ethic of data-driven analytical support," he says.’
    • ‘When a data-driven company with a mix of storage hardware in place faces a serious increase in the volume of information it stores, the time is right to consider virtualization.’
    • ‘Rejecting the rigorous, formal, and remote data-driven "truths" sought by quantifiers, scholars interested in more elusive experience and meaning preferred in-depth micro-studies, whether of single villages, small groups, or even well-documented individuals.’
    • ‘There is a movement toward a more data-driven accreditation process, with surveyors receiving more complete information about the facility or organization before arriving on-site.’
    • ‘Develop new practices based on scientific facts to ensure that decisions are data-driven and not based on opinion or conjecture.’
    • ‘"We want to provide doctors, bioinformaticians and clinicians with a common environment to build data-driven experiments," says Boutruche.’