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data capture


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mass nounComputing
  • The action or process of gathering data, especially from an automatic device, control system, or sensor.

    ‘online data capture’
    • ‘a data capture device’
    • ‘Non-Tablet devices of this class already exist, they're fairly light, have longish battery life, and specialist software that's designed for pen input, mobile data capture, computing on the move and in hostile environments, and so on.’
    • ‘Technology spending will increase relatively more in downstream processes, such as clinical trial management systems, electronic data capture, and electronic lab notebooks.’
    • ‘Buongiorno also offers the unique technical capabilities that we required for the campaign - integration of email marketing, SMS, data capture and viral activity.’
    • ‘External validation needs to cover formal reporting on the quality of systems for data capture and forecasting.’
    • ‘The Bentley Generative Components intelligent modeling program promises to raise the bar for elegant design and data capture.’
    • ‘Kismet is arguably the best tool for wireless data capture, auditing traffic, network detection and general wireless sniffing.’
    • ‘The GPS system can also provide field reporting and data capture, enabling investigators to assemble case files containing information that was previously next to impossible to obtain and adequately correlate.’
    • ‘Nice is committed to electronic data capture, with much smaller datasets, including only key items about safety and efficacy.’
    • ‘This data capture generally has been used to update systems of record and, in some situations, generate status notifications.’
    • ‘Tournament promoters need to assist junior development, engage in data capture and make the sport ‘look ‘as attractive as possible to potential players and fans.’’
    • ‘Using current technology, Milne's method is too labour-intensive to answer every such question, but there are grounds for hope that in the not too distant future its data capture will be greatly extended at comparatively modest expense.’
    • ‘The use of a rural citizens' panel allowed data capture from a wide spectrum of the rural population and showed that a greater number of workers and residents had traumatic experiences than has previously been reported.’
    • ‘Control electronics and a Hewlett-Packard model 54510B digitizing oscilloscope interfaced to a PC were used for data capture.’
    • ‘Defence is also improving its personnel data capture and from September onwards, its database will have the capability to record posting preferences and non-preferences as well as detailed reasons for separations.’
    • ‘Material testing systems with an upgraded electronics package from Instron Corp. enable accurate data capture of events that happen quickly, such as the insertion of a needle.’
    • ‘New clinical research technologies such as electronic data capture increase accountability, improve decision making, and aid regulatory compliance.’
    • ‘The fair processing principle covers data capture and the Irish Data Protection Commissioner has repeatedly stated that this requires transparency and full disclosures of uses, disclosures etc, at data capture.’
    • ‘As students move around a lot, they do not make the best candidates for surface direct mail, so electronic data capture and management become all the more important.’
    • ‘To become partners in civic action, anthropologists must abandon both annual cycle and life cycle designs for data capture on groups and their members.’
    • ‘Barcode data capture also ensures that the correct item is priced and sold at the till, and also assists with the efficiency of the transaction with the customer.’