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data mining


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mass noun
  • The practice of analysing large databases in order to generate new information.

    ‘It is not uncommon that databases for data mining require their own analytic engine, design and structure.’
    • ‘Just and Mitchell use data mining and statistical machine software to detect subtle patterns.’
    • ‘Real-time access on data mining software could potentially revolutionise the way that telecom companies conduct their business.’
    • ‘It is not a big stretch to use these databases to do data mining to look for activity that correlates with patterns found in investigations of known terrorists.’
    • ‘Once pulled into the SQL database, the information can be sliced and diced using Crystal Analysis data mining software.’
    • ‘Still, while data mining hardware and software is cheaper, data mining usually requires extensive services, and that can get expensive.’
    • ‘Using basic data mining, Apple can use this information to produce relationship maps, spending information and usage patterns that other companies can only dream about.’
    • ‘The spying programs that are now coming to light are only a part of a broader move by the administration to make greater use of vast databases and data mining techniques to monitor the activity of the population.’
    • ‘In scientific data mining, algorithms seek to cluster, generalize, and classify patterns and correlations in databases.’
    • ‘IBM is to incorporate a couple of OLAP tools into DB2, enabling organisations to do data mining and analysis.’
    • ‘The Google API is destined to change the way that developers retrieve data and it opens a whole new level of data mining that has never been available in the past.’
    • ‘Use of data mining techniques is essential for any database marketer.’
    • ‘With Capps II, they want to use data mining to identify people based on past patterns.’
    • ‘Other types of databases or even flat files may be used for data mining, but are more cumbersome and time-consuming to work with.’
    • ‘Though for the advocates anything that involves data seems indistinguishable from data mining, MATRIX is not a data-mining program.’
    • ‘The use of sophisticated software to do data mining is already something that the private sector is doing.’
    • ‘Two of them used real medical data from their own databases, while the third focused on data mining.’
    • ‘Using data mining and pattern recognition, automakers can relate warranty information back to production.’
    • ‘In case you've ever wondered, data mining is the real reason behind supermarket loyalty programs.’
    • ‘One version of data mining software tracks the eligibility of students for federal Medicaid benefits.’