Meaning of data protection in English:

data protection


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mass noun
  • Legal control over access to and use of data stored in computers.

    as modifier ‘data protection legislation’
    • ‘UK businesses that fail to adhere to data protection laws face criminal prosecution following the creation of a new hit squad.’
    • ‘Web site terms and conditions and data protection policies must be updated to reflect the new requirements.’
    • ‘His role is to support and advise government authorities and monitor the implementation of data protection legislation.’
    • ‘The official added that information relating to individuals who are not public figures is exempt as it would contravene data protection rules.’
    • ‘The actual idea of data protection is not new, but still many people only face its reality when it's too late.’
    • ‘In Europe, the most pressing legal challenges are in the area of conforming to privacy and data protection requirements.’
    • ‘The commissioner is responsible for enforcing the law regarding data protection and freedom of information’
    • ‘Storage analysts agree that enterprise data protection is an area that is ripe for innovation.’
    • ‘British employers will have to tell staff when and where they spy on them, under new guidelines devised by the data protection commissioner.’
    • ‘Lawyers have warned that companies using AltaVista's new search engine technology are at risk of breaching data protection laws.’
    • ‘More than 200 businesses a month in the UK fall victim to fake data protection agencies posing as official government bodies.’
    • ‘Editor Strobl et al raise important issues about interpreting data protection legislation and its effects on research.’
    • ‘He added Microsoft's adherence to the Safe Harbor framework was evidence of the company's commitment to data protection principles.’
    • ‘An influential body of data protection experts could be about to recommend that Europe bans spam.’
    • ‘Many countries now oblige healthcare organisations to follow the same strict data protection rules as do commercial institutions such as banks.’
    • ‘Ellen went straight to the Information Commissioner, the UK's enforcer of data protection laws.’
    • ‘Amicus, the union, said the case highlighted possible data protection risks about moving financial services overseas.’
    • ‘The two of them claim that the company is abusing the SMS service and breaking data protection rules.’
    • ‘Internet sites are failing to either protect consumers privacy or adhere to international data protection laws.’
    • ‘The Government has acknowledged that much work needs to be done to improve UK data protection laws, according to a new report.’