Meaning of data scientist in English:

data scientist


  • A person employed to analyse and interpret complex digital data, such as the usage statistics of a website, especially in order to assist a business in its decision-making.

    ‘Silicon Valley technology companies are hiring data scientists to help them glean insights from the terabytes of data that they collect everyday’
    • ‘To cater to a growing need amongst clients, the firm would like to appoint an experienced data scientist.’
    • ‘A major challenge in rolling out big data projects is finding qualified data scientists to help build appropriate analytical models.’
    • ‘The White House needs a few good data scientists to help its climate change campaign.’
    • ‘Universities are catching on, and in 2014, a new wave of trained data scientists will begin entering the workforce.’
    • ‘The candidate will perform as quantitative researcher, data scientist, technologist, and a quantitative developer for the production trading system.’
    • ‘Data analysts and data scientists need tools for modeling data.’
    • ‘The company was founded by software engineers and data scientists formerly with leading Silicon Valley technology companies.’
    • ‘A data engineer supports the data scientist in data discovery, harvesting, and preparation.’
    • ‘A data scientist with expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence is being actively sought by a leading hedge fund headquartered in London.’
    • ‘As a junior quantitative developer on the team, you will work with other developers and data scientists in the pursuit of identifying new alpha signals.’