Meaning of data set in English:

data set


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  • A collection of related sets of information that is composed of separate elements but can be manipulated as a unit by a computer.

    ‘all hospitals must provide a standard data set of each patient's details’
    • ‘All patient deaths were reported in the primary data set as fractional units of months.’
    • ‘Once you have defined a data set, it is necessary to schedule a backup with it.’
    • ‘This wide range of environmental conditions provides a rich data set to evaluate the three LAR models.’
    • ‘The data in this study were part of a longitudinal data set collected by the authors.’
    • ‘Genetic differentiation was strong in each region as well as in the concatenated data set.’
    • ‘The microstructural and morphologic data sets were then combined into a single data set.’
    • ‘Crystals which diffracted well were used to collect a complete data set on synchrotron.’
    • ‘Their data set was composed of mountain and boreal chronologies, with a high number of chronologies close to the tree line.’
    • ‘The core of the work is the data set related to parasites recorded from grebe species.’
    • ‘In our original data set, the results were obtained by computer analysis.’
    • ‘The data used for this study come from the same data set used for the soybean example just reported.’
    • ‘Only data on terminal inflorescences were included in the 1998 data set.’
    • ‘We therefore treated the entire data set as a sample from a single panmictic population.’
    • ‘Further comparisons can be made by fitting models after combining parts of the data set.’
    • ‘One thousand trees were generated by random sampling of portions of the entire data set.’
    • ‘The order of genes in the mitochondria was used as a third data set for phylogenetic analysis.’
    • ‘This data set was split into two broad categories of classical music and popular music.’
    • ‘There was no evidence of recombination within each of these blocks in the entire data set.’
    • ‘This data set was also derived from a cohort study of rheumatoid arthritis patients.’
    • ‘Estimates at each grid node were obtained by consideration of the entire data set.’