Meaning of data smog in English:

data smog


mass noun informal
  • An overwhelming excess of information, especially that obtained as the result of an internet search.

    • ‘nowadays, people need help getting their intellectual bearings because cable has become a torrent of ideology, dueling experts, and data smog’
    • ‘The overall goal of filtering signal from noise remains vital, to maintain a citizenry that is shielded from spam and data smog, and that can hence spend enough time on issues that really matter.’
    • ‘This service saves readers from having to search hundreds or thousands or millions of the world's content sources for that information - a vital service in an era of data smog.’
    • ‘Media saturation or data smog or whatever it is being called is not a problem, it's a blessing.’
    • ‘As economics can be affected by workers having to work in a data smog, corporations are already recognising this problem and have moved quickly by utilising new software, such as products available from Microsoft.’
    • ‘They do not have time to absorb all of the data smog, so they tune it out.’