Meaning of data visualization in English:

data visualization


(British data visualisation)
mass noun
  • 1The representation of information in the form of a chart, diagram, picture, etc.

    ‘data visualization can also be used as a reporting tool’
    • ‘a developer of data visualization software’
    • ‘Businesses great and small have recognized the need for data visualization.’
    • ‘The interactive map is a method of data visualization used by many business, government, and community programs.’
    • ‘With a data visualization tool, questions are answered and information is presented in simple, helpful, and effective ways.’
    • ‘Data visualization software can create PDF images of HTML displays for others to follow during the presentation or to file afterwards.’
    • ‘Data visualization is a way to make sense of the ever-increasing stream of information with which we're bombarded.’
    1. 1.1count noun A chart, diagram, picture, etc. that is created as a visual representation of information.
      ‘I use my blog to post various data visualizations I put together in my free time’
      • ‘In addition to creating public awareness, data visualizations are also an important tool for scientists themselves.’
      • ‘You will design and implement novel user interfaces and data visualizations, and take care of the overall user experience offered by the software.’
      • ‘The application is dynamic and chock full of interactive data visualizations that manage to be understandable and highly personalized for each patient.’
      • ‘Data visualizations and infographics are already a staple of our daily media diet.’
      • ‘Interactive data visualizations and in-depth reports are fundamental tools in the analysis and quality control of complex biological datasets.’
      • ‘"Our newsroom focuses on creating great visual stories, from videos to data visualizations to illustrations to GIFs, that are designed to live natively on social platforms."’