Meaning of data warehouse in English:

data warehouse

Pronunciation /ˌdɑːtə ˈwɛːhaʊs/

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  • A large store of data accumulated from a wide range of sources within a company and used to guide management decisions.

    ‘Also central to the project will be a data warehouse, collecting management information on goods and services bought through Zanzibar, including supplier details, prices paid, by whom and when, government-wide.’
    • ‘After analysis, they calculated that this requirement would eventually yield between a nine and 11 terabyte data warehouse.’
    • ‘A data warehouse is not simply a large database, dependent upon the applications it will be used for.’
    • ‘The aim of the data warehouse is to include every transaction handled for members over a three-year period, capturing the dollar amount, the card number, the location and the merchant in each instance.’
    • ‘Once the data was acquired it needed to be processed for reporting purposes and then stored in the data warehouse for future access.’
    • ‘These components are networked to provide automatic acquisition of the data from the SPAR units, control of the SPAR environments and storage of collected data in an online data warehouse.’
    • ‘But as companies collect more data and move toward real-time customer analysis, says Heffring, a data warehouse becomes crucial.’
    • ‘Teradata's active data warehouse extends the support offered by the traditional data warehouse by enabling both tactical and strategic decision-making.’
    • ‘While attending a conference, Gonzales saw a presentation on Informatica's data extraction, transformation and loading software, used to pull data from a wide variety of sources into a central data warehouse.’
    • ‘When a Total Rewards member swipes his or her card at a slot or video poker machine, the details of the transaction are stored and sent to the data warehouse and integrated into the customer's profile.’
    • ‘This chart and timeline show the total costs of cleansing multiple databases and migrating the information to a data warehouse.’
    • ‘The plans, drafted by the UK police, were first revealed in October in the The Observer newspaper, and call for a new data warehouse to store the information.’
    • ‘Where it used to take days to analyze the results of sales or promotions, the new data warehouse will provide answers within hours and pass those results on to suppliers.’
    • ‘The software includes a data warehouse that can be used by target-costing teams for shared informational purposes.’
    • ‘Kellner commissioned a data warehouse to capture information from existing fuel management and catering systems.’
    • ‘Data warehouse projects often fail for lack of a spiral approach Bill Inmon, ‘the father of the data warehouse,’ preaches a spiral approach to building a corporate information repository.’
    • ‘Since Roadway created an Oracle data warehouse for its costing information in 1997, some of the biggest users have been a few dozen pricing analysts who advise the sales force.’
    • ‘The files can act as a personalized data warehouse, allowing sales reps to analyze information from New Balance's enterprise-planning system without having to be connected.’
    • ‘Smith says the company can use the information it collects in its data warehouse to tailor product selection and presentation, on the Web site, and perhaps reduce the number of catalogs it mails each year, which now tops 400 million.’
    • ‘Most medtech companies rely on some form of data warehouse whose vast store of information is organized and interpreted through the application of analytical programs.’