Meaning of dataglove in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdeɪtəɡlʌv/

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  • A device worn like a glove, which allows the manual manipulation of images in virtual reality.

    ‘The parameters for the sign animations were input by a human signer wearing two datagloves.’
    • ‘More interesting applications include computers that can recognize gestures, or where your head is pointing, or if you're nodding off - without requiring mood-spoiling datagloves and the like.’
    • ‘We use Vizard Virtual Reality Software and datagloves to interact with the NPCs, developing a gesture and speech based interface.’
    • ‘The earliest device for interactivity in a virtual environment and with virtual objects was the dataglove developed at NASA Ames.’
    • ‘When using the datagloves, tracker sensors attached to them determine the location and orientation of each glove, while the gloves themselves measure the flexure of each finger.’