Meaning of date night in English:

date night

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  • A prearranged occasion on which an established couple, especially one with children, go for a night out together.

    • ‘they make sure they have a date night every week’
    • ‘she's planning date nights with her husband’
    • ‘The nearly ritualistic regularity of date night can be a great comfort.’
    • ‘A regular date night quickly faded from the couple's busy schedule.’
    • ‘I'd set up a regular date night that is always yours - something to count on.’
    • ‘Andrea and Mark are here on a date night too!’
    • ‘The most important thing my wife and I ever did was get a good sitter and have a regular date night.’
    • ‘Don't try anything brand new on date night!’
    • ‘We went on a date night last night.’
    • ‘It's escapist froth which works if you want a safe family flick for a date night or girls' night in.’
    • ‘The boy and I thought it would make a fun date night.’
    • ‘Friday nights used to be date nights with my husband; they were replaced by preparing for my 5 a.m. Saturday departures to meet my running group.’
    • ‘Now she and her honey occasionally manage a date night or two when her mother or sister comes by to baby-sit.’
    • ‘For that, as well as for its delightful cast and insightful script, it deserves your consideration on some future date night.’
    • ‘If this is too much of a commitment then I would recommend establishing at least one date night a week.’
    • ‘We always know that if we cannot connect any other time that week we will connect on Date Night.’
    • ‘Also, you may want to mention that exercising regularly will help boost your mood - and make you better company for your weekly date night.’
    • ‘When you get a once a month movie date night with your hubby, picking a good movie is very important.’
    • ‘Tonight we're having a date night and going out to eat and probably to see a movie.’
    • ‘They also have "date night" on the weekend and they grab lunch together when their schedules allow.’
    • ‘Use the ideas in this book to alternate the planning of date nights between you and your sweetheart.’