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Pronunciation /ˈdeɪtɪd/

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  • 1Marked with a date.

    ‘a signed and dated painting’
    • ‘The book ran into five editions, the penultimate dated 1831.’
    • ‘There is a gap from the fifth letter, dated 22 May 1898 to the sixth dated 4 February 4 1902.’
    • ‘By a letter dated June 28, 2002 the respondent accepted the petitioner's offer to settle dated October 13, 2000.’
    • ‘He then went on to construct, on the basis of no accurately dated evidence at all, an extraordinary scenario.’
    • ‘The FDA letter, dated Jan. 10, said the ads made "unsubstantiated effectiveness claims."’
    • ‘The Chinese histories are the single most important source of information for writing a dated narrative of Uighur history.’
    • ‘Typically, it is a Web site with frequent, dated entries listed in reverse chronological order.’
    • ‘Elder also brought copies of such articles, including one dated November 6, to back up her submission.’
    • ‘Typically the earliest dated document rules; however the court may decide that there is no valid contract.’
    • ‘All dated 2003, these new works express her understanding of the importance of gesture in abstraction.’
    • ‘There were further descriptions of possible work in subsequent e-mails, including those dated 14 and 16 August 2001.’
    • ‘The parent stem was situated on mineral sediments inside the mound 1 m from the dated sample.’
    • ‘I received an addition to Joseph's personnel file dated September 5, 1996.’
    • ‘You could put new money to work in the shortest dated bonds to even out longer bond holdings.’
    • ‘His last dated work is of 1648.’
    • ‘Wednesday was March 6, but the earliest dated copies extant are, those of March 7.’
    • ‘A signed and dated application is a must; be clear that lying on the form is grounds for dismissal.’
    • ‘The hybrid centre will carry out the task by printing the forms there as well as the franked envelopes complete with dated stamp and company logo.’
    • ‘A refund requires "… a signed and dated written notice postmarked prior to midnight of the business day after the date of this agreement."’
    • ‘That view of Dr George was confirmed in a further report of his dated 3 September 2004.’
  • 2Old-fashioned.

    ‘a dated expression’
    • ‘For many, religion per se has become a curious historical anachronism, a dated relic of the old days.’
    • ‘Despite years of evidence highlighting their failings, dogmatic adherence to dated ideology persists.’
    • ‘They looked all wrong in their dated glass case.’
    • ‘The only funny thing is the amount of processing power you need to render the dated graphics.’
    • ‘They also don't cram dated pop-culture in-jokes down your throat like some film companies do.’
    • ‘With a new version just around the corner, this version of MSN Messenger is starting to look a little dated.’
    • ‘One man, clad only in a pair of dated swim trunks, is slowly edging himself into the water.’
    • ‘Most of The Producers wallows in dated jokes that have lost their capacity to make a movie audience laugh out loud.’
    • ‘That Frank Lloyd Wright building, its quaint oddness and dated vision of the future now strike me as the perfect temple for the spirit of Marin.’
    • ‘Do these investigations of the face and body reach beyond the obscure and dated science of Duchenne, Charcot and their followers?’
    • ‘This film may now seem a little dated, but it is an interesting snapshot of the womens ' movement at that time.’
    • ‘The same dated movies play again and again.’
    • ‘The songs sound great, and the dated visuals look as if they were shot only last week.’
    • ‘Even with these seemingly dated components, this is plenty of system for a media client box.’
    • ‘It was an early piece fashioned after the dated design of a typical pay phone, was pleasant to hold and touch.’
    • ‘Perhaps Mr Blade got too excited or he might just be using a dated presentation.’
    • ‘The underlying LithTech 2.5 engine is considered a dated technology by some.’
    • ‘The sound is adequate at best, with the fidelity issues common to dated mono tracks.’
    • ‘They found old computers with such dated software they can't access outside e-mail or even their Facebook pages.’
    • ‘Redevelopment work which will transform the dated look of Manchester's Arndale Centre is well under way.’