Meaning of dater in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdeɪtə/


  • A person who goes out on dates, typically on a regular basis.

    ‘successful daters look on the dating game as fun—it doesn't make them anxious or unhappy’
    • ‘You don't have to be the prettiest girl or the most handsome guy to be a successful dater.’
    • ‘To top things off, he is a serial supermodel dater.’
    • ‘The only problem is, I'm not really an experienced dater.’
    • ‘A friend of mine who is also an international dater says, "Regular phone calls or emails can keep the relationship alive."’
    • ‘The first step to achieving power and becoming a smart dater is assessing the personality of the person you want to be with.’
    • ‘I never really was a dater, you know?’
    • ‘The shy dater can open up and get to know a person without having to deal with first-date jitters that often come from fear of the unknown.’
    • ‘My penchant for romance has made me a serial dater in the past and will now account for the dating thrill that can be achieved in the comfort of one's pajamas: matchmaking.’
    • ‘On arrival, each dater will be given calling cards, a badge and a mission to hand out as many cards as possible to those they fancy, and hopefully they'll get some cards back.’
    • ‘New Yorkers, probably the most professional daters on earth, have come up with a more efficient alternative: the dessert date.’
    • ‘That way daters could contact one another without exchanging phone numbers.’
    • ‘When you young daters are considering a long-term commitment, you have to get to know the parents.’
    • ‘Non-daters are also welcome to accompany daters to the event.’
    • ‘Viewing these life stories on a mobile phone screen would try the patience of the most enthusiastic dater.’
    • ‘Dawn was a serial dater with a world-weary attitude: been there, done that, got the frog-kissing badge.’
    • ‘The streets hum with diners and daters, excited by the pleasant weather.’
    • ‘He's also one of the most notoriously neurotic daters when it comes to the opposite sex.’
    • ‘Mobile phone dating will appeal to younger daters but it may be hard for companies to get the over-30s.’
    • ‘Last week I did my first screen test ever, for a pilot TV series about post-divorce daters.’
    • ‘The Web site will let users find out about the show, browse the daters' bios and vote on who they'd match up.’