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dating agency


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  • A service which arranges or facilitates meetings between people seeking romantic partners.

    ‘the dating agency supplied a steady stream of potential partners’
    • ‘they met through a dating agency’
    • ‘In January 1994, he and a business partner set up a dating agency for executives and, just a few months later, followed that with the formation of head-hunting firm MGM International.’
    • ‘Speed dating is a new phenomenon that is popular; dating agencies have full books and more and more people are going on blind dates.’
    • ‘Single people have more of a chance of meeting their perfect match thanks to a new dating agency in Swindon, if you've got the money.’
    • ‘About three years ago, after having been widowed, I met a Hindu man through a dating agency.’
    • ‘I've met 5 of my boyfriends via Internet dating agencies.’
    • ‘Lonely Hearts is a romantic comedy about a lonely middle-aged piano tuner who joins a dating agency where he meets and falls in love with an extremely shy 30-year-old woman.’
    • ‘We're not a dating agency, as such, but it does offer people the chance to meet and socialise in a very different environment on a Sunday.’
    • ‘According to recent statistics, in two years' time, 50% of people looking for a new relationship will use an online dating agency.’
    • ‘Matchmaker Mrs Hughes, who in time hopes to start up a dating agency, has now aimed her arrows at Swindon and is planning an event towards the end of this month or the beginning of May.’
    • ‘While not a dating agency, the club provides the opportunity for singles and separated to meet and enjoy social outings.’
    • ‘Hart and his wife Elaine, 38, remained on good terms, but at a loose end he had placed an advert on an Internet dating agency site.’
    • ‘Blind dates fixed up by well-meaning friends can be a pain, if not a disaster, and making contact through a dating agency can be a bit intense.’
    • ‘A married couple in Jordan who had separated and were living apart, both joined an online dating agency and ended up finding each other.’
    • ‘It gives people the chance to meet potential partners they might rule at first glance if they saw a picture of them on the Internet or at a dating agency.’
    • ‘Darren Richards set up an internet dating agency because he was single and wanted to find a girlfriend.’
    • ‘I joined a dating agency and went out on a load of dates that didn't work out.’
    • ‘I've decided to join an online dating agency as all my friends are married so no longer want to go out on the pull!’
    • ‘If she was just looking for love, why didn't she try a local dating agency and date local men?’
    • ‘With the Internet's more personal feel, using a dating service on-line may prove a little less embarrassing than the more traditional dating agencies.’
    • ‘Dateline, one of the UK's longest established dating agencies, said teaching tops the list of professions who use lonely hearts services.’