Meaning of dauber in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɔːbə/

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  • 1A crude or inartistic painter.

    ‘After the leveling was completed, a ‘dauber’ finished bricking up the oven, and applied, or daubed, ‘mud’ on the surface of the bricks.’
    • ‘Chief Supt Peter Driver, of Stockport police, said of Stockport's new war on the daubers: ‘The database will prove to be a very useful tool in combating graffiti which is a problem across the borough.’’
    • ‘Although the government probably thinks it can afford to lose a few scribblers and daubers this kind of self-imposed exile strikes at a nation's soul.’
    • ‘The museum recently paid £25 million for this; amateur daubers may feel they could have just as well if only they'd had a free weekend…’
    • ‘And it is only a minority, too, who would be so ignorant as to assume that anyone who is not white is from Pakistan, which was the claim made by the graffiti daubers.’
    • ‘If, however, one of these renders the original with all the skill and precision of a Salvador Dali, is he to be denied a copyright where a mere dauber is not?’
    • ‘Often the point was to signal, ‘I was here; I did this; I killed this prey; I saw this pretty thing’ - like a graffiti dauber writing, ‘Kilroy was here’ at any spot he considers significant.’
    1. 1.1An implement used for daubing.
      • ‘We use daubers or stencil brushes to apply printing ink to our plates, but any stubby old brushes will do.’