Meaning of daughterboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɔːtəbɔːd/

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(also daughtercard)
  • A small printed circuit board that attaches to a larger one.

    ‘The HES hardware includes a daughterboard that can house asics, memories and processors.’
    • ‘Each fully populated USRP motherboard supports four daughterboards, two for receive and two for transmit.’
    • ‘The System 1000 is a rack frame with 10 or 12 input modules, and accessory daughterboards add other functions to the modules, such as remote gain or mono/stereo mode control.’
    • ‘So to offer Wi-Fi with a Grantsdale machine lacking the Intel daughterboard, system builders will need to add a complete third-party Wi-Fi adaptor card.’
    • ‘On the daughterboard you get six 3.5mm audio jacks with jack sensing and optical S / PDIF in and out with a provided cable.’
    • ‘Space for the other four chips comes from a separate four-way daughterboard, the M4881, which provides four banks of DIMM slots (four slots per CPU) and HyperTransport links to the S4881.’