Meaning of daughterhood in English:



See daughter

‘In the last year, I've learned a lot about motherhood, and daughterhood and being a friend, and even about being a wife now that I'm not one.’
  • ‘A thought - am I waiting for permission to take a chance, to leap into the unknown, to shuck off my shackles of motherhood, wifehood, daughterhood and to become the person that is lurking beneath.’
  • ‘Gender boundaries blur even further in Harry Dodge's By Hook or by Crook, though the gut emotions of motherhood and daughterhood remain keen.’
  • ‘This paper examines Tsuga no yume, Naku tori no, and ‘Boshi’, which detail the reality of motherhood and daughterhood in a nuclear family under the patriarchal system.’
  • ‘The novel presents Clara Schumann's struggle to balance the demands of daughterhood, motherhood and marriage with her pursuit of art.’