Meaning of daven in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɑːv(ə)n/

verbdavens, davening, davened

[no object]
  • (in Judaism) recite the prescribed liturgical prayers.

    ‘he used to daven for a full half hour’
    • ‘Even if we do not have a personal need to daven to Hashem we should nevertheless daven because there are other people that may still need Hashem's help.’
    • ‘He prepared gifts for Esav, he prepared for war, and he davened.’
    • ‘Rabbi Eliezer davened Tachanun with full Kavana.’
    • ‘I turned to Hashem, I cried and davened, cried and said tehillim.’
    • ‘He planted this tree and, in its shade, served his guests and davened.’
    • ‘Thank you for adding much depth to the morning davening of Shacharit and the relationship a Jew has to The Master of the Universe.’
    • ‘As we daven in a circle, we pause at the moment of Barchu when, traditionally, an amalgam of individual daveners becomes annealed into a community.’
    • ‘Although no one understands the text one is performing, one davens anyway, repeating, transforming, re-creating… all the way into trance.’
    • ‘Whenever I daven in shule (which is 3 times a day, unless I do mincha and maariv together), I make sure I put at least a quarter in some puska.’
    • ‘It comforts me to know that every time I go to synagogue to pray on Shabbat, my Zadie is right there, davening beside me.’
    • ‘When my zayde and father davened there was no thought of being moved, or motivated.’
    • ‘The energy emanating from all the praying Jews, davening at a wild pace, was overwhelming.’
    • ‘My friend and I were the only women and we davened in the freezing courtyard, peering inside the chamber to see some men rocking back and forth in prayer.’
    • ‘Without a word being said, we gravitate to the middle of the square - some 300 soldiers who instinctively feel the need to daven together.’
    • ‘I get real comfort from the davening - a feeling like whatever happens at least I have God pulling for me.’
    • ‘I attended day school as a youngster and always felt the ‘need ‘to thank HaShem on a daily basis, thus I used to daven daily at the tender age of seven.’’
    • ‘His wife, Marie, recently told me that as a youngster he would walk for miles on Shabbat to daven in the Orthodox shul in Norfolk, known as the Cumberland Street Shul.’
    • ‘After all, what is the point in davening for something, when your most heartfelt wish gets rejected by Him.’
    • ‘Throughout the Torah, Moshe davens to Hashem, and this week's Parsha provides one of the most celebrated examples of this.’
    • ‘They teased me mercilessly; but I grew to be the tallest and when I was not davening evening services after arriving by the train from school, I was practicing boxing or wrestling with the local gents.’
    repeat from memory, say aloud, read aloud, declaim, quote, speak, deliver, render