Meaning of Davy Jones's locker in English:

Davy Jones's locker



  • The bottom of the sea, especially regarded as the grave of those drowned at sea.

    • ‘the reef will consign us all to Davy Jones's locker’
    • ‘A dinosaur-era Davy Jones's locker of large, predatory sea reptiles has been discovered by fossil hunters on an Arctic island.’
    • ‘Have my officer, Johnny; send him to Davy Jones's locker if he fights.’
    • ‘And you'd have thought they'd at least shed a tear or two when their old man vanishes into Davy Jones's locker.’
    • ‘The time has come for Jack Sparrow to be rescued from Davy Jones's Locker.’
    • ‘And soon I will be resting in a cold and watery grave In Davy Jones's locker.’
    the sea, the ocean, the water


Extension of early 18th-century nautical slang Davy Jones, denoting the evil spirit of the sea.