Meaning of dawn chorus in English:

dawn chorus


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  • The singing of a large number of birds before dawn each day, particularly during the breeding season.

    ‘the dawn chorus woke Robyn at five’
    • ‘Such findings support the idea that singing during the dawn chorus is important to defend the territory against rival males or to adjust social relationships among territorial neighbors.’
    • ‘The morning burst of birdsong is called the dawn chorus.’
    • ‘A poet who didn't wake for a dawn chorus like the ones you get here would be a sad fellow indeed.’
    • ‘In the dawn chorus, however, singing activity showed a similar seasonal pattern in mated and unmated males and was high until late stages of the breeding cycle.’
    • ‘We camped overnight but with the dawn chorus and the sheep bleating, it was hard to sleep!’
    • ‘During their egg-laying period, females remain in their nest cavities while males perform their dawn chorus.’
    • ‘Soon enough the sky began to lighten, the dawn chorus started up, and a heavy dew began to form.’
    • ‘As the angled rays creep up the last few hundred yards below my deck, illuminating individual blades of grass and blood-red flowers, the dawn chorus of birdsong begins to fade.’
    • ‘Early risers were treated to a glorious sunrise at the traditional dawn chorus.’
    • ‘The dawn chorus roused me very early again today, dragging me from snug warm covers to the desk after a slight detour to get coffee.’
    • ‘The dawn chorus starts at about half four and I've barely slept and now I have hundreds of birds singing loudly.’
    • ‘It was barely light yet and not even the dawn chorus interrupted the mournful silence she had ordered upon the palace.’
    • ‘Early morning may be the key time to play vocalizations to attract new settlers as recent research suggests that settling males assess sites at dawn, during the dawn chorus.’
    • ‘During the dawn chorus, male Great Tits produce several different song types and few to many different calls.’
    • ‘Observations commenced at nautical twilight (sun 12° below horizon) and ceased at the end of the dawn chorus (last bird heard singing).’
    • ‘I used to hate the dawn chorus waking me up (I am a light sleeper), but now I love it, especially during the spring/summer months.’
    • ‘Morning came early, as it tended to in the early days of spring, causing Armande to wake with the dawn chorus of birds.’
    • ‘We studied female and male behavior during the dawn chorus in two different nest box populations around Antwerp, Belgium.’
    • ‘This morning, waking early, as the sun was coming up and the dawn chorus was starting, I forced my aching and bruised body from my bed and made tea.’
    • ‘This morning, I spent about an hour listening to the beautiful dawn chorus, as the birds awoke and greeted another sunrise with their mellifluous songs.’