Meaning of day care in English:

day care

Pronunciation /ˈdeɪ kɛː/

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mass noun
  • 1Daytime care for people who cannot be fully independent, such as children or elderly people.

    ‘children would be looked after in day care and mothers would work’
    • ‘day-care facilities’
    • ‘He said they were hoping to get interim funding from social services to re-open day care sessions for elderly people.’
    • ‘Services including elderly day care, a sports centre and welfare and immigration advice have been closed to the public.’
    • ‘All monies collected are used to supplement the home support service and day care centre in Dunally.’
    • ‘The council says its home care and day care charges are in line with the Government's fairer charges criteria.’
    • ‘This might encompass some residential care, day care and sheltered housing side by side.’
    • ‘Age Concern appealed to politicians last week not to raise day care charges for the elderly.’
    • ‘Two day care centres for disabled people, the only ones in the area, are being shut down too.’
    • ‘Schools facing closures could incorporate day-care facilities.’
    • ‘It also cares for people with brain injuries and stroke victims, and provides respite and day care services.’
    • ‘They offer a complete range of day care and early education facilities.’
    • ‘Grandparents commonly help raise children, although day-care facilities are available for working mothers.’
    • ‘This is the reality of day care provision for many people with disabilities and the elderly in Bristol.’
    • ‘It's clear there aren't standards in place for nurseries and day care centres.’
    • ‘The 24-year-old who has Down's Syndrome has had no day care services for five years.’
    • ‘Senior citizens enrolled in day care centres will be served free mid-day meals.’
    • ‘People depending on day care help in Swindon are going to have to pay more for services.’
    • ‘Breda Costello received an award for her work with the elderly in the day care centre.’
    • ‘This will include new home care packages, more home help, and more day-care support.’
    • ‘Of course, fees are much higher in London: day care for my two children costs over £100 a day.’
    • ‘This makes the issue of providing quality, affordable day care of great interest to many families.’
    1. 1.1daycareNorth American count noun A day centre.
      ‘we have encountered problems trying to find a daycare willing to accept him’
      • ‘I never went to daycare’
      • ‘Drake passed a Catholic church and a daycare with a playground.’
      • ‘Daycares are, in fact, required to bring children outdoors at least once a day.’
      • ‘Natacia left a note that said my dad was at work, she was at a photo shoot and Lyndsay was at a new daycare.’
      • ‘Even though Ayla had a job at a daycare, it was just because she liked kids.’
      • ‘At daycare they learn to be compassionate and cooperative human beings.’
      • ‘I wanted to give him the chance to go to a daycare at least part-time.’
      • ‘Somehow I developed the delusion that once Ben was in a good daycare, everything would be fine.’
      • ‘Tommy and Kim sent them to a private daycare that ran a Pre-Kindergarten program.’
      • ‘After that she too would try to find work and they would find a suitable daycare for the baby.’
      • ‘Perfect punk rock for the kiddies, this is coming soon to a daycare near you!’
      • ‘Flu continued to close schools and daycares in several communities this week.’
      • ‘Now he's fighting to save the park in the lot between his daycare and the restaurant.’
      • ‘I'm not saying that all daycares are like that, but when you have a bad experience, you don't want to try it again.’
      • ‘We were asking, Why are there so many daycares in this town?’
      • ‘Critics charge that the rules and regulations concerning the creation or expansion of subsidized daycares are too vague and too mired in bureaucracy.’
      • ‘Corporate daycares are booming since welfare reform forced moms out of college and into dead-end jobs.’
      • ‘There are not many daycares in Japan that take newborns.’
      • ‘And the people who work in our daycares need to be paid a living wage that recognizes how important their job is.’
      • ‘Your child can return to school or daycare when she is no longer contagious.’
      • ‘After many years of fund-raising, site decisions, and waiting, the new daycare is now a reality.’