Meaning of day hospital in English:

day hospital


  • A hospital or other medical facility which provides treatment, assessment, etc. during the day, with patients returning home or to another hospital at night.

    ‘Meanwhile, Mr McLoughlin said it's planned to use some of the proceeds of the sale to build a new day hospital for psychiatric patients.’
    • ‘It has been reduced to a day hospital with a psychiatric ward for elderly people and a well-used and well-respected minor injuries unit.’
    • ‘Nelson Penny, 82, has been attending the day hospital for about six years.’
    • ‘He worked on wards and in the day hospital for 14 years before becoming a community psychiatric nurse in 1990.’
    • ‘One hundred per cent of the show's proceeds will go to the chemotherapy day hospital.’
    • ‘The garden would allow people with dementia who attend the day hospital to continue to have quality of life while maintaining their dignity.’
    • ‘It is certainly better than attending the day hospital every day.’
    • ‘The day hospital runs outpatient clinics for people needing physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy.’
    • ‘They were followed carefully, being called every day and attending our day hospital every two days.’
    • ‘Carol Dixon, who suffers with mental health problems, went to the day hospital three times a week for seven years.’
    • ‘In Mozambique, where the level of HIV is 15%, you would keep a day hospital going with $200,000 a year.’
    • ‘Not only did they not fulfil any of these things, they actually closed down the small day hospital for the elderly that was operating at Skipton General at the time.’
    • ‘The new building will include a bigger day hospital and a base for the rehabilitation service, which is currently working from Banbury.’
    • ‘Admissions were stopped and the day hospital closed.’
    • ‘The quick outpatient and diagnostic services provided by the Bolinbroke, along with its wonderful day hospital, are essential.’
    • ‘As the annual winter pressure bites, the day hospital has, on several occasions, been taken over to cope with emergency admissions.’
    • ‘The fact he can go to the day hospital keeps me sane.’
    • ‘The sale also will allow the launch of a day hospital for children who need intensive care in the day but can go home at night.’
    • ‘New admissions are now being placed in the female ward or day hospital.’
    • ‘She and Father Christmas handed over toys for children using the play therapy department at the children's day hospital.’