Meaning of day of rest in English:

day of rest


  • A day in the week set aside from normal work or activity, typically Sunday on religious grounds.

    ‘when the Lord made Sunday he meant it for a day of rest’
    • ‘Sunday is his day of rest, the one day of the week when he takes a complete break from training.’
    • ‘‘I believe in Sunday being a day of rest, but I would not try and impose my views on others,’ he said.’
    • ‘Chris Cullwick, for example, would like stronger legislation to protect Sunday as a day of rest.’
    • ‘Sunday is my day of rest, I don't even turn the phone on.’
    • ‘Sunday was indeed a day of rest as virtually all shops and places of entertainment closed.’
    • ‘‘With the Sabbath day of rest, we have been given the perfect cycle,’ says Macdonald.’
    • ‘Sundays are not days of rest for those who preach.’
    • ‘That's more than 30 or so years ago when public holidays and Sundays were proper days of rest.’
    • ‘Traditionally, Afrikaners observed Sunday as a day of rest.’
    • ‘We will have a day of rest on Sunday before starting the Tour de Montreal on Monday, a three-day, four-stage race.’
    • ‘Millar is a Mormon, and the faith calls for Sunday to be a day of rest.’
    • ‘She eloquently discusses the need for rejuvenation by using the example of Sundays as a day of rest.’
    • ‘Sunday was a day of rest followed by the drive home to London in the evening.’
    • ‘There is no work, no public transport, no ferry, no sport; just Sunday worship and a universal day of rest.’
    • ‘The Muslim holy day falls on a Friday and is the official day of rest.’
    • ‘Up to now they have done so safe in the knowledge that the Sabbath day has traditionally been a day of rest for traffic wardens.’
    • ‘Regardless of whether we choose Sunday, Saturday or Wednesday as our day of rest, it's important that we have one.’
    • ‘I don't often go to the supermarket on a Sunday, preferring usually to go no further than the front door - truly using it as a day of rest.’
    • ‘And today, as evidenced by the drowsy street outside, was the day of rest.’
    • ‘Sunday is observed as a day of rest for United Church members.’