Meaning of day trip in English:

day trip


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  • A journey or excursion completed in one day.

    ‘you can take a day trip to the Esk Valley’
    • ‘His favourite day trip would be a visit to a wildlife park or to the zoo.’
    • ‘Monte Carlo is only a ten-minute train ride from Nice, so it seemed like the perfect day trip.’
    • ‘A good day trip should involve either a very short drive or lots of leisurely driving.’
    • ‘To finalise the tour the best was to come, a day trip to Eurodisney, just outside Paris.’
    • ‘My wife wanted to visit Barcelona, and persuaded me to drive to the Catalonian capital for a day trip.’
    • ‘Mr McGuire had been taking a group of RAF cadets out on a day trip to Bury when he returned to his car and discovered the parking ticket.’
    • ‘You may be tempted to extend Texas Tourism Week and take a different day trip every weekend.’
    • ‘Activities include arts and crafts, sports, swimming, bowling, cinema and a day trip.’
    • ‘He said that on the day of her disappearance, the family had planned a day trip to Blackpool, but his wife felt unwell and chose not to join them.’
    • ‘My wife and I also took a day trip down to Battle, where the Battle of Hastings was fought.’
    • ‘Almost thirty teenagers will travel to Oakwood on a day trip this Thursday.’
    • ‘It has ended the quick day trip for US passengers, because the security delays mean it's no longer possible.’
    • ‘This group holds an event each month, mostly at local clubs with an occasional day trip by bus or weekend away.’
    • ‘School's out: we went on a day trip to Luxor - five hours by coach, but worth it!’
    • ‘I remember one winter doing a day trip from Eastbourne to the Wainuiomata Coast Road and back.’
    • ‘As a tourist destination it was overshadowed by the majesty of Niagara Falls which is a comfortable day trip from the city.’
    • ‘I think we became the first people traveling from Shanghai to cram the experience into a day trip!’
    • ‘I am still amazed at the fact that I can go to Cornwall for a day trip.’
    • ‘We did a day trip out to Shepreth Wildlife Park while they were here.’
    • ‘Bear in mind that a day trip will still only give you four and a half hours of shopping time.’
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