Meaning of daypack in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdeɪpak/


  • A small rucksack.

    ‘So, burdened with my rucksack and daypack, unshaven in T-shirt and travel combats, I wander among the besuited guests, conference attendees and dignitaries like a sore thumb.’
    • ‘As we shouldered our daypacks, the sun broke through a thin haze of clouds, and melting snow soon revealed a patchwork of meadow and forest lying in gentle folds before us.’
    • ‘Also, bring along a daypack, an extra water bottle, energy bars (or your favorite healthy snacks), pain relievers and muscle rubs.’
    • ‘Along with a water bottle, new goggles and camera in my daypack was a diary.’
    • ‘I'm used to walking with a twenty kilo pack, so with these daypacks, it was sweet.’
    • ‘Hot and sweaty again, we quickly strip off our shoes, socks and daypacks, leaving them by a great tree whose limbs shade the pond, and jump in.’