Significado de daysailor en en Inglés


(EEUU daysailer)

Pronunciación /ˈdeɪseɪlə/


  • A sailing boat without a cabin, designed for use during the day only.

    ‘While I think the J / 105 could be a great daysailer, her strength clearly lies in her appeal as a one-design racer.’
    • ‘When we could afford it, we bought our ‘big’ 17-foot O'Day daysailor.’
    • ‘Bettercare Boatworks builds just one boat, that of our own design - the CORLISS 15, a wonderful 15' daysailer.’
    • ‘This handsome dinghy has proved to be an ideal family daysailer.’
    • ‘The e33 Sailboat is an ideal family-style daysailor.’