Meaning of daytimer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdeɪtʌɪmə/


Trademark ; North American
  • An appointment diary or an electronic organizer.

    ‘The instructors all give you a syllabus and all your dates and everything so you put it in your daytimer and plan it like you would your job.’
    • ‘If your daytimer is empty, try filling it up with recitals, although organizing your own show is a lot of hard work.’
    • ‘The only tools he needs to conduct business are a daytimer, a typewriter and his brain.’
    • ‘Because Larry had to report at 2 week intervals, he kept a daytimer in which he recorded most (but not all) of his activities.’
    • ‘I marked it in my daytimer so I can't schedule anything else during that time.’