Meaning of DCI in English:



  • (in the UK) Detective Chief Inspector.

    ‘A series of brutal murders lead DCI Jordan to suspect a powerful gang boss who is already in prison.’
    • ‘DCI Jane Tennison is searching a house looking for the sister of a murder victim.’
    • ‘DCI Sam Tyler's world is about to be turned upside down.’
    • ‘Sam's dogged pursuit of evidence brings him head to head with his DCI, Gene Hunt, who has a more flexible approach to the pursuit of justice.’
    • ‘DCI Crofts managed his investigators in a very hands-on way.’
    • ‘Scotland Yard in 1991 is still very much a boys' club, and Tennison is the first female DCI ever to take on a murder case.’
    • ‘When a woman dies mysteriously in Bradfield Hospital, DCI Jordan orders a postmortem against the wishes of the doctors.’
    • ‘The operation was under the control of DCI Townshend and DI Bungay of the Kent Police Force.’
    • ‘As Sam focuses on the case it seems that the biggest obstacle standing between him and success is his new DCI and his very different attitude to policing.’
    • ‘They fall far short of the standards expected of a DCI at the relevant time, or any time in my experience.’
    investigator, private detective, private investigator, operative