Meaning of DDoS in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdiːdɒs/

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  • ‘‘Internet Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks represent a clear and present danger to our global Internet information infrastructure.’’
    • ‘The real White House web site, was taken offline on Friday for a couple of hours after coming under DDos assault, according to US reports.’
    • ‘A DDoS attack can paralyze your company.’
    • ‘Ideally, DDoS attacks should be stopped as close to the sources as possible.’
    • ‘And full-scale DDoS attacks can originate from botnets of machines around the world, making the controller almost impossible to locate.’

verbverb DDoSes, verb DDoSing, verb DDoSed, verb DDoS'd

[with object]Computing
  • Target with a distributed denial of service attack.

    ‘he took the time to DDoS the servers hosting the game’
    • ‘a couple of my websites have been DDoS'd’
    • ‘Their associates were DDoSing private torrent sites.’
    • ‘Mask your IP, and you will not be able to get DDoSed.’
    • ‘Shouldn't someone be DDOSing his server?’
    • ‘It was DDoSed because Network Solutions was tricked into allowing the domain to be hijacked.’
    • ‘The Shop Chief (a non-tech type) thought we were saying we'd been DDoSed and we never did get the upgrade.’
    • ‘The Conficker worm is predicted to hit several legitimate sites, potentially disrupting the service and leading websites to be effectively DDoSed in the process.’
    • ‘Our servers were promptly DDoSed while I was signed up for about 100 spam e-mail lists in the span of five minutes.’
    • ‘Don't worry about DDOSing your own server.’
    • ‘I am also not entirely sure if DDOSing anyone is really gonna help because it just gives them more justification to lock down the internet.’
    • ‘Lycos promised to monitor the performance of the sites they're hitting, to ensure that they don't DDOS them.’