Meaning of de-anglicization in English:



(also British de-anglicisation)

See de-anglicize

‘Such aspirations were based upon the pursuit of a vigorous program of de-anglicization and required a vibrant reappraisal of what had been lost to the boom of the colonial ‘cultural bomb.’’
  • ‘The ruthless de-anglicisation of the English people has incited hatred of the idea of an English community even amongst some English themselves.’
  • ‘And now Bangalore, my home for most of this year and for the next six months, is jumping on India's de-anglicization band-wagon and changing its name to Bengaluru.’
  • ‘Does anyone really think that anything anybody can do will stop the eventual de-anglicisation of England or Britain?’
  • ‘"Overt" is often pronounced with the accent on the second syllable; this is a re-Frenchified pronunciation, or what I would call a de-anglicization.’